Automated Parking System with Driving License Access

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Harmeet Singh
Shailesh Ranjan,Shivam Dhar,, Chetan Anand


This paper aims at the prospect of developing a fully automated parking system for two wheelers and cars. This proposed system improvises upon the existing parking system by enhancing its security features and automating the parking process thus eliminating the need for manual intervention. For authentication and owner vehicle identification the parking system has an inbuilt smartcard reader. The user has to insert his/her driving license in it. The smartcard reader fetches the user’s registration number and transfers it to database. The user has to re-insert his/her driving license at the time of exit. This eliminates the use of tokens or paper bills. The space management and automation is performed with the help of an ARM microcontroller which controls the mechanical motors to park the vehicle at an appropriate parking location [5].

Keywords: Smartcard, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), ARM Cortex M3, Rack and pinion.


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