Multi-Level Steganographic Algorithm for Audio Steganography using LSB, Parity Encoding and Advanced LSB Technique

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Kamalpreet Kaur
Er. Deepankar Verma


In this era of emerging technologies, electronic communication has become an integral and significant part of everyone's life because it is simpler, faster and more secure. The purpose of this paper is to come up with a technique hiding the presence of secret message and increase the security level. Steganography is the art of secret communication. Its purpose is to hide the presence of communication. This paper uses the Multi-Level Steganography, is a new concept for hidden communication in computer networks. It uses at least two steganographic methods are utilized either these methods are same or different type in such a way that one method serves as a carrier for the second one. Multi-Level Steganography has advantage of difficult decoding and sending two or more secret message through a single cover object. Here three different steganographic methods have been used instead of using one steganographic method. This has been done with a layering approach. This paper defines a method for audio steganography using LSB modification, parity encoding and advanced LSB technique in multi-level steganography. In this thesis I will present the review of three layered approach for audio multi-level steganography. Here three secret messages rather than one can be transmitted with a single cover file. This method provides an effective way of to achieve higher security, to increase undetectability of upper-level methods, the clarity of digital audio signal should not be harmed and to maintain the robustness during the substitution of bits.

Keywords: Information security, Information hiding, Steganography, Audio steganography, Multi-level steganography, Stego object, Decoy object


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