Implementation of FMFRS (Fault Tolerant Most fitting Resource Scheduling) algorithm in Real time system

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Harkiran Kaur
Er. Deepankar Verma


In computational Grid, fault tolerance is an imperative issue to be considered during job scheduling. Due to the widespread use of resources, systems are highly prone to errors and failures. Hence fault tolerance plays a key role in grid to avoid the problem of unreliability. The two main techniques for implementing fault tolerance in grid environment are check pointing and replication. This paper proposes a real time approach to a replication technique named as FMFRS (Fault Tolerant most fitting resource scheduling algorithm) to improve the fault tolerance of the fittest resource scheduling algorithm. The proposed method is to improve the fault tolerance by using fittest resource scheduling algorithm, by scheduling the job in coordination with job replication when the resource has low reliability and checking the parameters like Fault Tolerance capacity and Node’s Reliability. Based on the reliability index of the resource, the resource is identified as critical.


Keywords: Computational Grid, Fault tolerance, Task Replication, Job Scheduling


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