A High-speed Residue Number Comparator for the 3-Moduli Set {2n-1, 2 n, 2 n+1}

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Bafrin Zarei
Majid Askarzadeh,Nahideh Derakhshanfard, Gisou Bakhshzadeh,Mehdi Hosseinzadeh


Carry-free property of Residue Number Systems (RNS) is very useful to achieve fast computing, parallelism and fault tolerant. However, there is no efficient general method for magnitude comparison in RNS. Most of the previous methods need redundant modulo or large moduli operations. In this paper, a new low cost method for magnitude number comparison in RNS has been presented that does not introduce any redundant modulo and uses small moduli operation.


Keywords: Residue Number System (RNS), comparator, parity, odd/even period, Chinese Reminder Theorem (CRT), Mixed Radix Converter (MRC).


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