Design and Implementation of Testing Tool for Code Smell Rectification Using C-Mean Algorithm

Gurpreet Singh, Vinay Chopra


A code smell is a hint or the description of a symptom that something has gone wrong somewhere in your code. These are commonly occurring patterns in source code that indicate poor programming practice or code decay. The presence of code smells can have a severe impact on the quality of a program, i.e. making system more complex, less understandable and cause maintainability problem. Herein, an automated tool have been developed that can rectify code smells present in the source code written in java, C# and C++ to support quality assurance of software. Also, it computes complexity, total memory utilized/wastage, maintainability index of software. In this research paper an approach used for the design and implementation of testing tool for code smell rectification is discussed and is validated on three different projects.

Keywords: - Code Smell, Refactoring, Maintainability, Memory Utilization, Inspection, McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity, Halstead Measure.

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