Classification of Web Users into Interested Users and Not Interested Users by Using Decision Table

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Vivek Sharma
Prof.Sadhna Mishra


It is an era of information. There are bulks of information available on web sites. The mining of such a huge amount of data is a critical job. Web mining provides easy technique to search web data. The data is available on web site may be or not be useful for web users. Hence data is classified into interested and not interested data according to useful and not, for users. Here we are using decision table for classification of web data. The algorithm C4.5 is used in this paper. There are three phases in web usage mining preprocessing, pattern discovery and pattern analysis. In the first phase we will process data for the segregation of useful and not useful data. The second phase will carry out for the discovery of pattern in which user search the data and the third phase could be used for pattern analysis for designing the web sites.

Keywords: web usage mining, decision table, web data.


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