Performance Model for Campus Area Network based on MAC Protocol

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Atul Vaibhav
Vivek Sharma


The routing simulations over ad hoc networks indicate that network capacity is poorly utilized in terms of throughput and packet delay when the 802.11 MAC protocol is integrated with routing algorithms. Also, since wireless network access point is open to anyone, problem of security is inherent in wireless scenario. In this paper we aim to study the characteristics & performance of MAC Layer with regard to IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol and 802.3 MAC protocol from the point of view of Campus Area Network. We conducted some simulation for the same using NS- 2 and concluded an adaptive performance model best suited for University Campus Area for networking in terms of throughput and fairness. We created a performance model of Wireless local area network to show what happens when large no. of mobile nodes take part, move and communicate with one another in a WLAN and simulated our model taking varying slot time from 20 to 15, 12 & 10 micro sec. for getting optimum key point for such WLANs.




Keywords: IEEE 802.11, WLAN, MAC, NS-2, IEEE 802.3


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