Effect of White Noise for Online Secondary Path Modeling and Noise Reduction in Multichannel ANC System

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Sekineh Gholinezhad
Mohammad Reza Karami


In practical cases for active noise control (ANC), the secondary path may be time varying .For these cases, the secondary path should
be estimated online. Several approaches have been introduced for online secondary path modeling (OSPM) in single- channel feed forward ANC
systems .In these systems additive random noise as a training signal is injected to achieve secondary path modeling during online operation .This
paper investigates the issue of reducing noise and secondary path modeling in multichannel active noise control by not continually injection of
white noise during system operation. The existing methods in multichannel have concentrated on online secondary path modeling. This paper
uses the advantages of white noise with larger variance to model the secondary path, but the injection is stopped at the optimum point to increase
the performance of the system. It is shown that the proposed method has better performance in reducing residual noise and also it has better
convergence rate in online secondary path modeling in multichannel ANC system.


Keywords: Multichannel active noise control; online secondary path modeling (OSPM); Adaptive filter


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