Challenges and Requirements of Digital Forensics Investigation in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks

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Muhammad Sufyian Mohd Azmi
Abdulrahman H. Altalhi, Labeeb Mohsin Abdullah
Zailani Mohamed Sidek


Digital forensics involves the acquisition and investigation of materials that are collected from digital devices involved in digital crimes. Currently, the term ―digital forensics ― is used to cover the investigation of all devices used to store digital data .There are some technologies that have the ability of expanding, and wireless ad-hoc network technology is one of them. Due to the nature of wireless ad-hoc networks, difficulties commonly arise, and as a result, investigating such networks, create large challenges. Thus, the goals of this paper are to understand the concepts of wireless ad-hoc networks and the challenges of collecting live evidence on such networks, to highlight the research requirements, and to propose solutions to some of these challenges.

Keywords: Digital forensics, Wireless Ad-hoc networks, Digital crimes, Digital investigation.


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