Coupling Metrics for Aspect Oriented Programming -A Systematic Review

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Kotrappa Sirbi
Prakash Jayanth Kulkarni


Metrics are an important technique in quantifying desirable software and software development characteristics of aspect- oriented
software development (AOSD). Coupling is an internal software attribute that can be used to indicate the degree of system interdependence
among the components of software. Coupling is thought to be a desirable goal in software construction, leading to better values for
maintainability, reusability and reliability. Although several coupling frameworks and coupling metrics have been proposed for aspect-oriented
software, the tool support and empirical evaluation of these metrics are still being missed. However, there have been very few attempts to
systematically review and report the available evidence in the literature to support the claims made in favor or against AOP coupling metrics for
maintainability and reuse, modularity etc., compared with OOP approaches. In this paper, we present a systematic review (extended version) of
recent coupling metrics for AO designs. In this review work consolidates data from recent research results, highlights circumstances when the
applied metrics suitable to AO designs, draws attention to deficiencies where AO metrics need to be improved.


Keywords: Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), Software Quality Metrics, Aspect Oriented (AO) Metrics, Aspect J.


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