A Messaging Software using Bluetooth & 802.11 WLAN

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Samia Rehman
Wafaunab, M. Fahad Khan,


Messaging service is most widely used to exchange information. Message sending via Bluetooth provide effective and economical
ways to connect and communicate devices. Across the world, Wireless technologies are becoming most popular because of our way of life and
global economies both are highly dependent on the information flow through wireless mediums. Bluetooth wireless communication technology
is also spreading rapidly. Bluetooth is a cheap, power-efficient radio chip that is small enough to fit inside any electronic device or machine and
it provides short range, semi autonomous local connectivity. Recently wireless local area networks have emerged as flexible communication
systems, which have been implemented as an extension or alternation for a wired LAN within buildings. Industry has been making efforts
towards the integration of Bluetooth and LAN. But, most recent solutions do not tackle the issue of simultaneous operation of Bluetooth and
The purpose of this research is to develop a messaging software so that any user within a building or a small area who is connected with
Bluetooth and wireless LAN through laptop, Pam pc etc is capable of exchanging messages with other people who are also connected with
wireless LAN and Bluetooth.


Keywords: Messaging service, Bluetooth, wireless LAN.


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