Analysis of Metrics in Different Scenarios of Routing Protocols in Adhoc Networks

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Vimalapriya M.D
Dr. Santhosh Baboo S.


A Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of mobile devices dynamically forming a communication network without any centralized control and pre-existing network infrastructure. In this Research paper we have studied the performance of Routing Protocols AODV DSR, and DSDV. Simulations have been carried out using Network Simulator version 2(NS2)and its associated tools for analysis of results. The Performance differentials are analyzed using varying no of nodes ,data rates,speed and pause.Simulation Results are presented to demonstrate the performance metrics like Packet Delivery Ratio,Average end to end delay , Routing Load .

Key words: MANET, Packet Delivery Ratio, End to End Delay, Routing Overhead, AODV, DSR


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