An Estimation of Traffic Parameters for VBR and ABR Services in ATM Networks

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Sharma S.C.
Gupta B.K., Sethi Jyothi


Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) was selected by the telecommunication industry as the technology to deliver the Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network (B-ISDN) carrier service. ATM is designed to handle different kinds of communication traffic (voice, audio, video and data) in an integrated manner. It is particularly important during periods of congestion that traffic flows with different requirements be treated differently and provided a different Quality of Service (QoS). We have worked on traffic parameters estimation from VBR and ABR source modeling in ATM Networks using Weighted Round Robin Scheme. A user can use the Weighted Round Robin scheme to determine the values on traffic parameters in order to minimize the delay in sec. Some of the QoS parameters like Voice Packet End-to-End Delay, Voice Packet Delay Variation, FTP Upload and Download response and E-mail Upload and Download response time are studied and evaluated for bursty and non-bursty traffic using VBR and ABR Service Categories in this paper.


Keywords: ATM Network, Quality of Service, OPNET Simulator, Voice Packet End-to-End Delay, Voice Packet Delay Variation, Download and Upload response time.


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