Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network

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Sachinpal Sachinpal
Sanjeev khambra, Amritpal singh


Wireless sensor networks have attracted much research attention in recent years and can be used in many different applications. That paper presents the several energy efficient clustering algorithms such as LEACH, PEGASIS and VGA. Energy Efficiency is a crucial factor for the performance of wireless sensor networks (WSN). Clustering is an efficient approach to capitalize the energy of energy constraint sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). LEACH is a major breakthrough for clustering technique by rotating the role of clusterhead among nodes. LEACH, PEGASIS and VGA is able to distribute energy dissipation evenly throughout the sensors, doubling the useful system lifetime for the networks. Clustering technique has been proven to be an effective approach for reducing energy consumption. It also can increase the scalability and lifetime of the network. Clustering facilitate the network self management and make it easy to devise the communication protocols.


Keywords: - Clustering Algorithm; Wireless sensor network; Energy efficiency; LEACH; PEGASIS and VGA


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