An Approach for Reusability Measurement of Object-Oriented Code Based Upon CK Metrics

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Vicky Bumbak
Pradeep Kumar Bhatia


This study focus on a set of object-oriented metrics that can be used to measure the reusability of object-oriented code. This research address a new model set of metrics for object-oriented code. Reusability is the process to reduce the cost and improve the quality of software. Reusability may be achieved by concept of Generic Programming through C++ Templates. There are various techniques to measuring reusability of object-oriented code. Chaidmber and Kemere (CK) metrics are proposed for measuring reusability of object-oriented code. This paper introduces new model for reusability measurement of object-oriented code with the help of metrics Number of Template Children (NTC), Depth of Template Tree (DTT), Method Template Inheritance Factor (MTIF), and Attribute Template Inheritance Factor (ATIF).


Keywords: Object-Oriented code, Reusability, CK metrics, Generic Programming, Templates.


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