Automatic Collaboration and Intelligent Analysis in e_Learning

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Vishwanath gupta
Prof.Amit Agrawal


Semantic web technology enables machine to read and process web pages without human intervene. Semantic web information will no longer only be intended for human readers, but also for processing by machines, enabling intelligent information services, personalized web sites, and semantically empowered search-engines. The web has become a major vehicle in performing research and education related activities for researches and students. With increasing student mobility and boom of the international student exchange programmes, a need arises for unifying and presenting information about academic study programmes on the Web. Publishing study programmes using semantic web technologies enables students to easily search and select study topic of their interest. In this paper we present an enterprise semantic framework for e-Learning system which improved the quality of web mining results but also enhanced the functions, services and the interoperability of e-Learning system. The system helps to find suitable semantic data related to students, faculties and courses for the clients. We have implemented semantic web mining in parallel distributed environment in all tiers for decision making, and also increased speed and efficiency of information retrieval.

Keywords- Semantic web, Ontology, web services, RDF, access control, information retrieval


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