FishDoc Expert System- Diagnosis of Fish Diseases Using ABC Algorithm & PSO Algorithms

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Prof. M. Surendra Prasad Babu
Dara Vikram


FishDoc is one of the important expert system in Animal Health Science web portal proposed by the authors. The FishDoc gives a clear and detailed diagnosis of fish diseases and treatments to them to create disease free zone in fish farming. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning techniques are used to develop a system to provide medical treats for prevention and curing methodologies to the disease effected fishes. This implementation includes both the collection of prominent data from the relevant experts and development of the expert advisory system. FishDoc Expert System is developed using JSP as front end and MYSQL database as back end. Both rule based and machine learning algorithms are used in inference mechanism. The system analyses the different symptoms entered by the user dynamically. If the user entered data is sufficient for analysis with the available data in the knowledge base provided by the expert, it displays directly the actual disease & corresponding treatment. Otherwise it displays that the knowledge is insufficient and calls ABC algorithm & Particle Swarm Optimization and displays the probable diseases with some certainty factor for possible treatments.

Key words: FishDoc, Rule Based, ABC Algorithm, PSO Algorithm, Expert System, Diseases, Preventions, Cure, JSP, MYSQL.


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