ATM Card Authentication with Hardened Retina Based Fuzzy Vault for Highest Level of Security

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R. Sheethal


ATM cards are globally being used as a form of Personal Identification and authentication. At Present, ATM cards are primarily restricted only to Personal Identification Number (PIN NO) for authentication.PIN NO are very easy enough for others to steal and misuse it. This has promoted interest in biometric authentication. Biometric templates are vulnerable to variety of attacks due to their inherent nature. Biometric Crypto systems blend the idea of cryptography and biometrics. Fuzzy vault is a proven crypto biometric construct which is used to secure the biometric templates. But, fuzzy vault suffer from certain limitations like non-revocability and cross matching. Security level of the fuzzy vault is affected by the non-uniform nature of the biometric data. Fuzzy vault when hardened with password overcomes non-recoverability and cross matching. Password provides an additional layer of security. It also enhances user privacy and security. This paper proposes a method to integrate Retinal recognition with the ATM card to develop a highly secured access environment. A Retinal Recognition system along with ATM machine and smart card programming circuit with its software is developed. Template on card (TOC) is also designed. Hence, the extracted Retinal features stored in ATM card are compared against the data acquired from a Retinal Scanner or database for authentication. The proposed algorithm has superior performance in terms of security, efficiency, reliability, accuracy, user Friendly and consistency compared with other existing technology.


Keywords: ATM Card, Retinal Recognition, Biometric Template, Fuzzy vault, Crypto Biometric Systems.


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