A Proposed Method for Contour Detection of an Image Based On Dynamic Parameterisation by Fractal Coding

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Shimal Das
Dr. Dibyendu Ghoshal


Reduction the storage cost of images in memory plays the pivotal role in the process of data transfer. Fractal image compression that uses the characteristics of existing self similarity within images for coding is a suitable method in coding an image. The encoding method was the same as in conventional fractal coding, and the compressed code, i.e. call fractal code, is used for image segmentation and contour detection instead of image reconstruction. The fractal code of the image is actually the collection of these transformations, which are called fractal transformations. Usually, fractal transformations can be represented by fewer bits than the original image, so a fractal code is a compression of the original image, sometimes with very high compression ratios. Contours of the objects in the image are detected by the inverse mapping from the range block to the domain block. The proposed methods are expected to enable compressed codes to be used directly for image processing.

Keywords: Fractals, Image coding, Contour detection, IFS, FBC.


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