Decision Making Models for Reengineering of Object Oriented Software Systems

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Bakhshish Singh Gill
Dr. Ashok Kumar


Reengineering of object-oriented software is not much grown area. It is difficult for the software managers when to decide for Reengineering software system. Software is delivered, it is corrected, and maintenance starts from the very beginning. Maintenance cost increases with time as requirements, technology and environment changes. The accumulated effects of maintenance make the system complex and quality of software decreases. As a result, maintenance cost increases rapidly. A situation comes when maintenance cost is too much high and it is difficult to maintain the system at such a high cost. This is a good time for reengineering the software system. If we do not reengineer the software system at this optimal time and go for high maintenance cost then complexity increases and system quality is worsen. It will be difficult to reengineer the system or reengineering cost is not justified as compared to the cost of new system. Software managers have no options except for having costly new software. Little efforts are done in this piece of work to escape this situation. Models of Decisive Point (right time for reengineering) are presented and it will help the software managers to reengineer the software system at most favorable time.


Keywords: Object, reengineering zone, maintenance zone, decisive point, fine object, faulty object


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