Quantum Key Distribution and Testing

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M.Kishore Kumar
N.Santhosh kumar, R.Srinivas H.Shyamsundar


BBN, Harvard, and Boston University are building the DARPA Quantum Network, the world‘s first network that delivers endto -
end network security via high-speed Quantum Key Distribution, and testing that Network against sophisticated eavesdropping attacks. The
first network link has been up and steadily operational in our laboratory since December 2002. It provides a Virtual Private Network between
private enclaves, with user traffic protected by a weak-coherent implementation of quantum cryptography. This prototype is suitable for
deployment in metro-size areas via standard telecom (dark) fiber. In this paper, we introduce quantum cryptography, discuss its relation to
modern secure networks, and describe its unusual physical layer, its specialized quantum cryptographic protocol suite (quite interesting in its
own right), and our extensions to IPsec to integrate it with quantum cryptography.


Keywords: Quantum cryptography. Quantum cryptography, quantum key distribution, secure networks, cryptographic protocols, key
agreement protocols, error correction, privacy amplification, IPsec.


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