Analysis of EMI Effects on Attenuator Circuit

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Mandeep Kaur
Danvir Mandal


When electromagnetic interference takes place at the input of attenuator circuit which is made up of resistors it can cause operation variation. This work presents evaluation of the EMI effects in different types of attenuator circuits by applying a range of EMI signals varying from 5MHz-500MHz at constant magnitude of 100mV in series along with the 1 KHz/10V original input signal. The EMI effects on the test attenuator circuit of different types are predicted using ORCAD in terms of total job time, time step and output waveform. All the results compiled in the paper are simulated from the same. For easier understanding Bar graph is shown and line graph are shown.


Keywords: Electromagnetic Interference, Electromagnetic wave propagation, Attenuator, Types of attenuators.


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