Implementation of Crypto-Steganography System with Combining the Features of ASCII and LSB Technology

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Prof. R. Venkateswaran
Prof. Dr. V. Sundaram


This paper shows the enhanced information security using proposed image_ Steganography model Proposed methodology shows that successfully using these Poly substitutions[1] method to evolve a new method for Encrypting and decrypting the messages with enhanced Security of Information. In poly-alphabetic substitution ciphers the plaintext letters are enciphered differently depending upon their placement in the text and finally it gives the result in the form of ASCII symbols. We can use Poly substitution method combining the features of Image_Steganography for text encryption by three keys with multiple Layers of security by using genetic keys. After this process, the encrypted file in the form of ASCII Symbols. is hidden in image file using LSB method, the same process is applied reversal to retrieve the source message by Genetic keys.


Keywords: Encryption, Decryption, Genetic Keys, Mono Substitution, Poly Substitution., Image Processing.


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