Using Clustering To Boost Sales In Chain Stores:A Real Case In Iran

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Peyman Gholami
Meysam Eftekhary, Nezamedin Faghih


the volumes of data are doubling every four years and .the price of data strongly is reducing. For using of these data, so many of instruments and techniques are being applied. One of these kinds of instruments is data mining technique. That this technique can extract a new and understandable pattern through a high volume of data and it has been used in business. Discovering the rules of selling with considering the appropriate time for it causes a high increase in selling of products. So that with considering the importance of the time of special record, profitability will be increased. In this paper, with using clustering techniques, we have tried to analyze data that have been recorded in hyperstar store in 2010. Our main objective is extracting the rules and analyzing the volume of different products


Keywords: Data Mining, Clustering, K-means Algorithm, Chain Stores


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