Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Synthesis of Phase-only Reconfigurable Circular Array Antenna

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Banani Basu
Soham Mondal, Saheli Sarkar G. K. Mahanti


The paper describes an optimization based design method of reconfigurable dual beam uniform circular antenna array. Artificial Bees
Colony Optimization algorithm (ABC) is applied to find the set of excitation (amplitude and phase) distributions of the optimally spaced array to
generate a sector pattern main beam with desired side lobe level. The same excitation amplitudes are applied to the array with zero phases that result
in a pencil-shaped main beam with the same side lobe level. We presented two arrays of isotropic elements and half-wavelength dipoles. In the
second example mutual coupling between the dipoles are considered and analyzed using induced EMF method. Simulation results in both the cases
are in good agreement with the desired ones.


Keywords: Reconfigurable beam, Uniform Circular Array, Artificial Bees Colony Optimization Algorithm (ABC), Side lobe level, Isotropic
Antenna, Half-wavelength Dipole.


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