Deducing and Mapping the Class Path of JAR File

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PM. Shanthi
Dr. K. Duraiswamy


Now-a-days, to reduce the effort of human and to improve the efficiency of the process, everything in this world is being computerized. But also the user may face some problems while executing the program. Program is software that contains a set of instructions to perform a task. In order to make the process of developing program, an easier one, some developers develop software and implement them as a package. To access these packages much easier, some of them are released as an Open Source Software. An Open Source Software is a software that is downloaded with free of cost. In this Open Source Software, there exist many packages, classes and methods. While using this Open Source Software, to develop an application, these packages are well-connected with that application. It is necessary to generate a class file to start executing the application. But the user doesn’t know the classes or its properties to compile them. To overcome this situation, in this paper, we propose a method to start compiling the classes in the package automatically. Also if the path is not set correctly, it is also done systematically through the methodology proposed in this paper.


Keywords: Classes, Compilation, Computerized, Developers, Download, Efficiency, Instructions, Methods, Open Source Software, Package, Program, Systematically.


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