Nulls Placement of Circular Array Antenna Using Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm

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Banani Basu
Anwesh Mukherjee,Vishal Gupta G. K. Mahanti


The article describes the application of adaptive differential evolution (ADE) to optimize uniform circular array to produce
radiation pattern with specified side lobe level (SLL) and null placement control. Two instances of null pattern synthesis are presented
in this work. In the first problem ADE is used to synthesize multiple deep nulls at specific directions. In the second problem wide and
deep nulls are generated at the angular sector of the arrival of broadband interferences. The optimization process is accomplished by
perturbing the complex weights of the antenna element in the circular array. The simulation results show that it is possible to obtain an
symmetric radiation pattern having deep and wide nulls on both sides of the main lobe with depth greater than -60dB. Proposed
method is proved very efficient in solving the various problems of circular array antenna optimization.


Keywords: Adaptive Differential Evolution (ADE); Side lobe Level; Deep Nulls; Wide Nulls; Circular Array.


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