Analytical Modeling for Performance of Multimedia Applications in WLAN

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D. Ramesh
Dr. B. P. Mallikarjunaswamy, B.R.Prakash


In the context of the IEEE 802.11e standard for WLANs, we provide an analytical model for obtaining the maximum number of VoIP
calls that can be supported on HCCA, such that the delay QoS constraint of the accepted calls is met, when TCP downloads are coexistent on
EDCA. In this scenario, we derive the TCP download throughput by using an analytical model for the case where only TCP sessions are present
in the WLAN. We extend the modeling heuristic of to evaluate the performance of an IEEE 802.11e infrastructure network carrying packet
telephone calls, streaming video sessions and TCP controlled file downloads, using Enhanced Distributed Channel Access (EDCA). We identify
the time boundaries of activities on the channel (called channel slot boundaries) and derive a Markov Renewal Process of the contending nodes
on these epochs. This is achieved by the use of attempt probabilities of the contending nodes as those obtained from the saturation fixed point


Keywords: analytical modeling, performance, multimedia applications, WLAN


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