A supportive Framework to Enhance Student’s Motivation for E- Learning

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Sana Khan
Noor Zaman


E-Learning is a rapid humanizing as a cost-effective education paradigm and providing the best ways to the institutions to expand their educational programs to provide easy access to a large set of student populations. Student motivation to learn electronically has a key concerning issue with e-learning system. Learners’ performance progress and success based on e-learner’s motivation level and type. It’s very crucial to detect and improve the motivational aspect of an e-learning course at any level. With this research we focus on student’s motivational approach and used student motivation as a basic parameter to model an intelligent e-learning supportive framework for the e-learners. In addition, additional modules are added to the standard intelligent tutoring framework system to make one to one communication i.e. of the learner and tutor. Mainly three strategies namely learning, motivation and tutoring further based on several key aspects have been incorporated in the proposed model, with the inclusion of two additional modules named as, student current level module and student motivation module in the basic ITS models. The modules of the proposed system are such as interface module, Student current level module, student motivation module, tutoring module, student performance module and expert module. Student module is termed as student performance module in the proposed framework, for maintaining the continuous track of learner’s performance while keeping him/her engaged with the learning activity and the tutor.


Keywords: E-Learning, Intelligent E-Learning, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Student motivation


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