Advanced Security of Route Discovery in MANETs

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G. Yedukondalu
M. Srinivas, V. Kondala Rao R. Ravikumar


Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are collections of wireless mobile devices with restricted broadcast range and resources, and no fixed infrastructure. Communication is achieved by relaying data along appropriate routes that are dynamically discovered and maintained through collaboration between the nodes. Discovery of such routes is a major task, both from efficiency and security points of view. A security model to the specific requirements of MANETs was introduced among the novel a characteristic of this security model is that it promises security guarantee under concurrent executions, a feature of distributed computation. A novel route discovery algorithm called endairA was introduced, together with a claimed security proof within the same model. In this paper, we show that the security proof for the route discovery algorithm, vulnerable to a hidden channel attack and the security framework.


Keywords: Network protocols: routing protocols, distributed networks, MANET security, hidden channels, provably secure protocols.


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