Educational Data Mining: An Emerging Trends in Education

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Mrs Anita Chaware


Data mining over period of time is establishing itself as one of the major disciplines in computer science with growing industrial impact. Early Computing was to designing files to store the data so that information could be efficiently accessed but now the trend has completely changed. With enormous data in their pockets companies and organizations want to know about the patterns and trend that this data follows i.e. the knowledge to build the intelligence and take the action to improve their business. Data mining, the science of extracting useful knowledge from such huge data repositories, has emerged as a young and interdisciplinary field in computer science. Education researchers, with a large data repository in education field, are trying to make use of the concept of data mining. With this there is a rise in a field called Educational Data Mining (EDM).This research is to discover new knowledge or learner skills or features of education. This paper reviews the work done in this area.


Keywords: Higher Education, Education Data mining , Quality and Quantity of education, Tradition educational issues .


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