Selecting IT Enabled Accounting Software: Present Practices and Challenges

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Sukriti Arora


Accounting is such an indispensable aspect of any organization, it is very imperative for the organization to concentrate on its specific
requirements and cautiously consider how to meet the deadline. Since the globalization has widened the scope of business practices and
accounting is not an exception to this, so organizations have to work out in all out manner to pursue exhaustive research and develop accounting
software that can cater to their growing business demands. Outwardly this appears to be very appealing and easy going but in real terms it is
very stimulating. Hence it is expected that the organizations should remain vigil while purchasing and selecting a software system so that
optimum mileage can be procured from the software application. The onus lies on the Think Tank of the organizations to understand nitty-gritty
of the accounting software and evaluate the contemporary accounting software with the existing ones. The present paper is an attempt to explore
the multifarious factors involved in selecting IT enabled Accounting Software to develop efficiency and strengthen the process of financial data
analysis in the gamut of Accounting Profession. This paper will enable the researchers to understand the nuances of selecting IT enabled
Accounting Software.


Keywords: Accounting, Software, profession, Training, IT, Data Analysis etc.


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