An Application of K-means clustering For Crop Disease Recognition and Classification

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Mrunalini R. Badnakhe
Prashant R. Deshmukh


This paper is giving the guideline for the welfare of the agricultural area. Crops are very important for the farmers, just like the bread and butter for them. The mainly Indian Economy is depending on the Agricultural productivity. So through this research we can directly help the farmer. By using the automated agricultural inspection, Farmer can give potentially better and accurate productivity .The different products can be yield with better quality. The primary need for the agriculture to predict which the infected crops are. With the help of this work we are indirectly contributing for the Improvement of the Crop Quality. It is a Machine learning based recognition system which will going to help in the Indian Economy. The paper will propose the technique to classify and identify the different disease affected plant. Digital Analysis of crop color is the important .Now it’s becoming popular day by day. It is also one of the cost effective method. Because changed in the color is a valuable indicator of crop health and efficiency and survivability. Then it can be measured with visual scales and inexpensive crop color.


Keywords: Digital Analysis, Crop Quality, Survivability, Visual Scale.


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