High Performance Computing Solution in Bangladesh through Grid Computing

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Husnain-Al -Bustam
Saif-Un-Noor, Md. Thesun-Al-Amin


This paper gives us an idea of a good High Performance Computing solution through grid computing in Bangladesh. Here we have used BOINC as our primary tool of grid computing. In Bangladesh if we want to do a good number of research works in chemical and pharmaceutical studies, agricultural field, energy research geophysics and oil applications, weather predictions and some other fields the researchers and the faculty members need a good source of high computing and processing power and here we are dealing with such an idea which will be a good solution of high performance computing (HPC) in Bangladesh. Although our system is a good solution of HPC in Bangladesh it may have resource scheduling problem in large area communication but we have to make the trade-off.


Keywords: Grid Computing, High Performance Computing, BOINC, Research in Bangladesh, Performance and Cost Analysis


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