A New Security Architecture for TCP/IP Protocol Suite

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M. Anand Kumar
Dr. S. Karthikeyan


With the rapid growth and usage of Internet, network security becomes a major issue in the field of research. TCP and IP are the two
protocols, which is basis for today’s Internet. IPv4 is the Internet protocol that is replaced with IPv6, which comes with the build mechanism
called IPsec for security. But it lacks security in the application layer of TCP/IP Protocol suite. So there is a need for security mechanism
especially for applications in the application layer. This paper identifies some of the security problems related to IPv6 and presents a new
architecture for TCP/IP protocol suite. Our proposed architecture includes a layer called security layer, which guarantees security to Application
layer using a protocol Application layer security protocol (ALSP). Simulation results show that the proposed architecture provides strict security
with minimum overhead in the terms of processing.


Key words: Internet, TCP/IP, Cryptography, and Security, Protocol


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