Simulator for Identifying the Importance of Software Reuse in Cost Estimation Model

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Mr. Aman Kaushik


Software reuse is the process of implementing or updating software systems using existing software assets. Assets may be designs, requirements, test cases, architectures etc. Idea behind code reuse is that a partial or complete computer program written at one time can be written into another program at later time. In this paper we use the concept of reuseability and implement with the help of simulator, which calculate the efforts of different type of project with and without reuseability. Simulator also calculate the mean relative error between original effort and calculated efforts. To achieve all these goals,we implement the simulator in high level language. Purpose of simulation is to shed light on the underlying mechanisms that control the behavior of a system. The simulator will calculate total efforts for the projects. On the basis of this estimation reuse manager will decide how to allocate resources for different phases, how to decide work within a phase


Keywords: Random number, Reusable Assets, Simulator , Box Muller transformation, simulation.


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