Optimal Routing Algorithm in a Octagon-Cell Network

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Sanjukta Mohanty
Dr Prafulla ku. Behera


In an Interconnected network topology, the source node first makes a connection with the destination node before sending a packet. The routing algorithm is the part of the network layer software responsible for deciding which output line an incoming packet should be transmitted on. In this paper an efficient and optimized routing algorithm for octagon-cell network topology is presented and we have shown the octagon-cell network by means of an undirected Graph G = (V,E), where V is the set of nodes in the graph (hosts in the network) & E is the set of edges in the graph (links in the network). Octagon-cell can be expandable in an incremental fashion due to its recursive structure. This paper also introduces the node degree, diameter, number of links, bisection width of the octagon-cell network.


Keywords: octagon_cell; interconnection topology; routing; routing algorithm; network services


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