Secured Flawless Effective Polling and Automatic Instant Counting

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Brindha G. R.
Joe Prathap P. M


In a biggest republic country like India, conducting a perfect election is always a tedious work. It not only takes lot of money and man power but time too. Usually the election conducted as various phases and the counting takes place some later days. This will lead frustration among the voters and candidates, as well as impose severe security risks. To avoid, instant counting is a best way. But, practically adopting this instant counting is still a long way to achieve. Our proposed work focuses this instant counting and result display with high security measures. With the help of effective Main Polling Server, conducting election and counting votes made semi automatic in our work. Thus, it leads the reduction of money, time, security risks and people involved.


Keywords: Polling, automatic counting, polling server, security


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