A Lexi-Search Approach for Variant Mutiple Travelling Salesmen Problem

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K.Sobhan Babu
Chandra Kala.K,B. Naganna, Sundara Murthy. M


The multiple travelling salesmen problem (mTSP) is a generalization of the well-known travelling salesman problem (TSP), where
more than one salesman is allowed to be used in the solution. More over, the characteristics of the mTSP seem more appropriate for real-life
applications, and it is also possible to extend the problem to a wide variety of vehicle routing problems (VRPs) by incorporating some additional
side constraints. Although there exists a wide body of the literature for the TSP and the VRP, the mTSP has not received the same amount of
attention. In this paper we develop an efficient Lexi-Search method for solving the multiple travelling salesmen problem. Although Lexi-Search
methods are among the most widely used techniques for solving hard problems, it is still a challenge to make these methods smarter. The
motivation of the calculation of the lower bounds is based on ideas frequently used in solving problems. Computationally, the algorithm
extended the size of the problem and find better solution


Keywords: Multiple Travelling Salesmen Problem, Lexi-Search, Pattern Recognition, Tour, Alphabet Table, Search Table.


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