Mining Regular Patterns in Transactional Databases using Vertical Format

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G. Vijay Kumar
M. Sreedevi, NVS. Pavan Kumar


Discovering interesting patterns in Transactional databases is a challenging area in data mining and knowledge discovery research. Recently, temporal regularity of a pattern was treated as an important criterion in several online applications like market basket analysis, network monitoring, gene data analysis, web page sequence and stock market. Although there have been some efforts done in finding regular patterns in a transactional database, no such method has been proposed yet by using vertical data format with one database scan. Therefore, in this paper we develop a new method using VDRP-table to generate the complete set of regular patterns in a transactional database for a user given regularity threshold. Our experiment results show that this method is efficient in both time and memory to find regular patterns.


Keywords: Data mining, Vertical databases, Regular patterns, Transactional database.


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