Cyclic groups of Elliptic curves-An Implementation to Cryptography

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A.Chandra Sekhar
G,Naga Lakshmi,B.Ravi Kumar G.Sivanagamalleswar Rao


Cryptography is the process of sending the messages in unknown form so that the receiving party can remove the unknown part of the message and can read the original message. The study of cryptography extended to new concepts and techniques basically from the applications of Number theory.[2],[4], Up until the mid 1970’s the study of the arithmetical properties of algebraic curves has been one of the most exciting areas of mathematical research. Among such curves one is an Elliptic curve. An elliptic curve over real numbers consists of the points which form a group together with a special point O called the point at infinity is the identity element in that group. Elliptic curve groups are additive groups; that is, their basic function is addition. In this paper we proved that these groups are cyclic groups and a cryptosystem is implemented.


Keywords: Groups, cyclic Groups, Generators.


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