An Effective Way of Knowledge Representation by FRS

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Shilpa Kalra
Naveen Hemrajani,Savita Shiwani, Ruchi Dave


.Knowledge Representation is a medium of human expression, that is, a language in which we say things about the world. Different techniques of Knowledge representation exit. Focus, is on Frame representation system (FRS). The notion of „Frames†as introduced by Marvin Minsky[2] emphasizes their role for the representation of knowledge. Frames are complex data structures for representing objects in an effective way. It provided a system for combining declarations and procedures with in a single knowledge representation environment. The problem related to frame representation is discussed and an effective way to remove it is suggested. The time complexity is affected for designing a frame structure. So, discuss some quality of knowledge representation which help to provide better knowledge to frame structure. And at the end, we have seen how a cost reduction knowledge of any product by FRS. And try, to present a logical and feasible knowledge representation of cost reduction to satisfy both the cost items target and the product function target.


Keywords: Frame Structure, knowledge Representation, cost reduction.


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