Skeletal Bone Age Assessment – Research Directions

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P. Thangam
K. Thanushkodi, T.V.Mahendiran


The work was motivated by the increasing awareness of the need for bone age assessment (BAA) schemes featuring an appropriate methodology for skeletal age estimation. The endocrinological problems in youngsters are already evident in many countries worldwide, varying in scale and intensity for different age groups and sexes. Change in lifestyles and eating habits of people also contribute to endocrine disorders, increasing the need for a system that predicts such problems well in advance. Skeletal bone age assessment is a procedure often used in the management and diagnosis of endocrine disorders. It also serves as an indication of the therapeutic effect of treatment. It is of much significance in pediatric medicine in the detection of hormonal growth or even genetic disorders. Bone age is assessed from the left-hand wrist radiograph and then compared with the chronological age. A discrepancy between the two indicates abnormalities. This paper consists of an overall review and technical assessments of various skeletal age assessment schemes in the literature. This review also recommends some research areas in this field and those leading to high efficiency are highlighted.


Keywords: Bone Age Assessment (BAA), endocrine disorders, pediatric medicine, Skeletal Bone Age Assessment, left-hand wrist radiograph.


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