Reverse Engineering A Generic Software Exploration Environment Is Made Of Object Oriented Frame Work And Set Of Customizable Tools

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J.M.S.V.Ravi Kumar
M.Babu Reddy, N.SreeRam, I. Rajendra Kumar


mainly research done to date on software maintenance has been focused mainly on the evolution of legacy systems based on out of date technologies. However, the use of more recent yet evolving technologies, like component-based techniques, also raise various issues about software comprehension and evolution. In particular, current industrial-strength component models like COM are based on many technical aspects that make them difficult to understand and use. The evolution of large module based software products is thus an rising issue. This paper presents GSEE, a Generic Software Exploration Environment. GSEE is made of an object-oriented framework and a set of customizable tools. Only few lines are needed to produce graphical views from virtually any source of data. GSEE has been successfully applied to improve the understanding of different software artifacts including a multi millions LOC software. Currently, two kinds of tools have been integrated in this environment: OMVT which is DASSAULT SYSTEMES specific, and GSEE which is a generic tool independent from the meta-model used.


Keywords: OM; DS;CB; UML; GSEE;


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