A Modified Cross Over Genetic Algorithm Approach To Single Processor Scheduling Problem

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Er.Rajiv Kumar
Er Sanjeev Gill, Er. Ashwani Kaushik


There are numerous approach to scheduling problems. Scheduling problem is a NP hard problem. This paper present the modified
cross over genetic algorithm approach to single processor process scheduling. Single processor machine efficiency depends upon the efficient
scheduling of single processor. The work present in this paper shows that processor scheduling can be optimize by apply efficient scheduling
algorithm. Extensive computational experiments are carried out to get optimum efficiency of the proposed algorithm. Efficiency of the
scheduling algorithm can be examined on number of factors. In this paper we consider average waiting time, turn around time and weighted turn
around time as an optimization criteria of scheduling algorithms. Simulation in this paper evaluates the performance and efficiency of proposed
algorithm. Experimental results indicates that MCOGA shoes better results than that of traditional scheduling algorithms.
Keywords: MCOGA, Genetic algorithm, NP-hard, CPU, Scheduling,Optimization.


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