Protection based Routing Mechanism for Ad-hoc Network

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Deshraj Ahirwar
Yogendra kumar Jain, Geetika S. Pandey


The Bluetooth Specification provides no specific support for positioning service. Bluetooth signal strength information to create a system for locating and tracking users inside buildings. The security of ad hoc networks is becoming an increasingly complex issue. Securing routing creates particular difficulties, since these networks have neither centrally administrated secure routers nor strict policies of use. The network topology is rapidly changing due to nodes in the networks being highly mobile, thus creating the presence or absence of links. Security requirements such as authentication, non-repudiation, data integrity and confidentiality, which would otherwise be provided by a central server, must be enabled and provided by all nodes. In this paper we propose enhance based direction routing protocol. The zone direction is reduced until the node can select the strongest and most stable link and so increase availability in the network. Each node in the network has a counter for the stability of link (SL) to its neighboring nodes, which indicates which nodes are active in the network, improving the performance of the network and increasing the likelihood of selecting the optimal path. We also propose a novel secure routing protocol to improve the security level in ad hoc networks, based on key management and a secure node-to-node path, which protects data to satisfy our security requirements.



Keywords:Ad-hoc Network, Routing Protocol, Security Mechanism


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