Scheduling Real-Time Multiprocessor Systems with Fault Tolerance Mechanism: Approaches Survey

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Nima Jafari Navimipour
Seyed Hasan Es-hagi


Real-Time system is a system that time of response to jobs play a very important role. Due to time limitations, fault tolerance mechanism in real-time multiprocessor systems is extremely important. In this kind of systems the fault should be discovered and be repaired as soon as possible to let the jobs are completed in determined deadline. The specified system needs redundancy for be a fault tolerant system. One of the redundancy types is software redundancy. The special kind of software redundancy is "Primary Backup" that is used for scheduling real time multiprocessor systems. In this paper three new approaches for scheduling jobs in real time, fault tolerance systems is reviewed. Also we explain benefits and disadvantages of each approach are explained. Finally these approaches will be compared.



Keywords: Fault Tolerance, Real Time Systems, Primary Backup, Multiprocessing


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