Optimized Searching Algorithm Based On Page Ranking: (OSA – PR)

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Anu Kundu
Sona Malhotra


Search engines have greatly influenced the way people access information on the Internet as such engines provide the preferred entry point to billions of pages on the Web. Therefore, highly ranked web pages generally have higher visibility to people and pushing the ranking higher has become the top priority for webmasters. As a matter of fact, search engine optimization (SEO) has became a sizeable business that attempts to improve their clients’ ranking. Still, the natural reluctance of search engine companies to reveal their internal mechanisms and the lack of ways to validate SEO’s methods have created numerous myths and fallacies associated with ranking algorithms. In this paper a new mechanism is proposed that improves page ranking system for search engine optimization and then provides optimized results for user.


Keyword: Search Engine, Crawler, Ranking Engine


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