Generalized Representation of Advice Using Sequence Trace Diagram

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Shruti Dubey
Neha Rahatekar, Ugrasen Suman


Aspect-oriented programming is built on the concept of separating concerns. While separation of concerns reduces textual scattering and tangling by encapsulating concerns within a localized module, the behavior of an aspect-oriented program becomes scattered. Capturing the sequential behavior of an aspect-oriented program is essential for the validation of the program’s run-time semantics. With AspectJ, a suitable aspect-oriented programming language is at hand, no feasible systematic pictorial notation is available that supports the design of AspectJ programs. In this paper, a generalized design representation for AspectJ programs is presented in the form of sequence diagram. It provides representations for language construct called advice, of different types in AspectJ and specifies its runtime execution.


Keywords: AOP; Aspect; advice; circular relationship; sequence trace diagram.


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