Security Policies of Sharing Health Care Data with Authentication and Authorization

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C.Sunil Kumar
Dr. C.V.Guru Rao, Dr. A.Govardhan


The E-Health is a business scenario in which the integration problem is greater than before by the intensive use of knowledge, by the need of accurately handling citizens’ privacy and by live or death inferences. E-Health has been seeking for semantic interoperability for more then a decade, but securely sharing health care data among healthcare associations remains an open challenge. Numerous standardization activities (For e.g., openEHR, HL7 CDA, CEN ENV 13606, DICOM, EHRcom, IHE) are addressing current problem but none of them has achieve the attractive level of flexibility. The paper is being addressed about security policies of sharing of health care data respecting vendors’ autonomy and citizens’ privacy. It is aiming at developing a highly scalable, semantically improved communication infrastructure. Such infrastructure is the result of the integration of web services technologies. Semantic web provide machine procedural semantics in order to allow mechanized integration of services.



Keywords – TRSC, Integration, HL7, Interoperability, HL7 CDA


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